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Aug. 16th, 2007 12:45 pm
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Dear lovely Brits on my FList,

does one of you know about how long it takes to get from Chipping Norton to Glouchester in a car at night?

It would help a lot to know that for a TG fic I'm currently writing.

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My Top Gear Challenges DVD just arrived!!!

*squees like a 14 year old fan-girl*

*does little happy dance*

*hopes nobody just saw that*
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Erm... yeah. I did one more. I'm gonna stop now, I promise. At least for today.

Here we go then:

Here's the link to the video that you have just created :
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Right, since I'm nothing more than a mindless follower (I'm German, after all, that's what we're good at), I had a go at this sharewhatyoulove thing over at Yahoo! as well.

And I actually managed to have my first attempt NOT validated, as I might have included the word bum. Hehehe... now we know what it takes to not get past the moderating team over there.

But my second attempt got through, so I shall share it with you:

Here's the link to the video that you have just created :

And there's a third one, but it's still pending. I'll put it up here as well, if it's validated.

Edited to say: Yay! And one more for your viewing pleasure.

Here's the link to the video that you have just created :
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I mean, how hard can it be?

Why me?!

May. 4th, 2007 04:35 pm
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Do you know those days where you wake up and think: "Now I understand why some people suddenly decide to grab a gun and start shooting family, friends and co-workers." ?

No? Be grateful, you probably have a much better job than me.

I knew it was a high-stress job when they hired me, but over the last months things have gotten completely out of hand. It is like war, but without the fun shooting. No wonder we started to fall apart. Some people quit, others had to be treated for burn-out syndrome. The remaining colleagues started to fight a lot (including me) or be rude to our just-a-notch-above-braindead clients (including me). Some even started to threaten people and became violent (well... that was only me, to be honest). Most of us have either a sleep disorder or a nervous tick by now.

In my free-time I'm packing boxes because I'm gonna move in two weeks and I'm about to find out if you can skip sleeping altogether if you just get enough caffeine into your system.

Oh-kay... sorry for the rant, but I needed to get that out.

I'm gonna be a good girl now. I'll just grab a beer and something to eat, start to watch the lastest NCIS episode and shut up.

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I'm looking for a kind and daring person, who has currently a bit of time on their hands and is brave enough to be my beta-reader. Yes, I started to write a Top Gear RPS. Yes, I have gone completely bonkers.

But nevermind... Any takers?


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Oh, this is a big day for me.

Not only are moi and the love of my life celebrating our 3 year anniversary today, I will also find out if I'm too bloody stupid to get a LJ cut to work...

OMFG!!! I finally found out how this works!!! YAY ME!!!!!
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Waddaya know? I had my first migrane attack in... hmm... 8 months or so.

Started yesterday with a light headache in the early evening and around midnight I was praying for some maniac to storm into my bedroom and shoot me in the head. Or a piano to fall on my head. Or some axe murderer to decapitate me.

Thankfully the migrane has subsided by now, leaving me merely feeling very hung over. I usually don't have a problem with hangovers, but getting one without having all the fun first (drinking, partying, sacrificing virgins) seems unfair.

Plus now I'm all out off painkillers, since I ate everything remotely pill shaped I could find within the last 24 hours.

OK, off to take a shower now. And afterwards probably trying if a few eppies of Top Gear and massive amounts of caffine will make me feel a bit better.

Remember kids: When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!
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These questions about South Africa were posted on a South African Tourism Website and were answered by the website owner.

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... when there's YouTube?

Thought I share a few of my fave vids with ya!

Some David Caruso bashing:

Some NCIS music vids:
The internet is for porn ->
Hiatus funny ->
NCIS is always fun ->

And of course.... Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers!

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It's a little strange, it's been raining for almost a week straight now but somehow I don't mind.

Met my fave co-worker for lunch today. It was really good seeing her, she's off work for over two weeks now and I really missed her. Soon she'll be gone on maternal leave... work will not be the same without her.

My old laptop died on me a week ago. Bought a new one and I really like it, but the old laptop took one of my recent stories with it and that bothers me, as I worked quite hard on that one. Thankfully I had most of my other stuff (including my writing) stored on a external data station.

Well, so much for now.

Good luck and good night y'all!
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